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New BNC connectors for CCTV

CCTV small repairs

The connectors on many cctv systems can be problematic. On this small install I have upgraded the BNC connectors and added an enclosure to tidy things up.

Dewalt Tool Repair

This is my repair of a Dewalt XR Combi Drill (DCD785) After 3 years of use the drill had become intermittent and throwing out sparks! It was also heavily clogged with debris and overall in need of servicing to prolong its life. The first step was to strip down, clean all the internals and confirm…

Dual hand driers over glass

Hand driers and Glass

What happens if your shop fitter/ designer miscalculates the location and number of hand driers? A fair bit of thought and effort was required to sort this one out! In this washroom the hand driers had to be mounted partially over glass and from a single fused spur. First task was to measure everything up…